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Shanghai Crusher Stands Out In The Field Of Construction Waste Treatment

Last Update:2020-05-14 07:52:18

According to incomplete statistics, the annual construction waste produced in China is about 1.55 billion tons, and it is expected to reach about 5 billion tons by 2020. The discharge of construction waste in first tier cities such as Zhengzhou is 30 million tons, and the annual output of construction waste in second tier cities such as Anyang is more than 10 million tons. Many harmful substances in construction waste are not only difficult to degrade, but also cause groundwater pollution and damage the soil structure. A large number of construction wastes threaten the urban environment, and various waste crushing equipment are emerging in the waste treatment industry. According to the recent market survey, the Shanghai crusher from Shibang plays an important role in the national construction waste treatment plant.

Construction waste recycling is a popular development concept in the world, which has been implemented for many years in developed countries such as Europe and America. We know that the building glue, paint and other substances in the construction waste have certain toxicity, which not only harms the surrounding environment, but also has serious damage to human health. Construction waste recycling, mainly through scientific management and effective control measures to reduce its harm, while using technical means to recover useful materials. At present, in Beijing, Wuhan, Kunming and other cities in China, there are more than 8 treatment plants with an annual treatment capacity of more than 4 million tons. With the help of the crusher manufacturer, these construction waste treatment plants are equipped with high-performance crushers to carry out classified treatment for different construction waste materials.

In many construction waste treatment plants, the waste treatment equipment provided by Shibang includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, tire mobile crushing station, crawler mobile crushing station and a series of high-performance crushing equipment. Through manual or mechanical screening, first of all, waste is classified into: scrap steel, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and various scrap steel accessories and other metals, which can be processed into various steels after sorting, concentration and re returning to the furnace; scrap bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood; brick, stone, concrete and other wastes can be used to make mortar and masonry after being crushed by various crushers Block, paving brick, lattice brick, concrete cushion and other building materials products. In this way, almost all of the waste can be reused, so that the enterprise has made a higher profit, and the price of various crushers has gradually increased with the growing demand. The crushers of Shanghai Shibang show more and more excellent treatment capacity in the field of construction waste treatment.


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