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Shandong Hammer Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 22:43:08

As we all know, the state vigorously supports industrial development, and the speed of industrial development in China is very searching. The rapid development of industry is inseparable from the support of energy. Therefore, the development of coal industry in China is very rapid with the development of industry. Shandong is also a large coal producing province, in order to successfully promote the development of the coal industry, we need to use excellent mechanical equipment. This paper mainly discusses how to reduce the production cost of coal mining industry from the correct use of mineral processing machinery and equipment, mainly the hammer crusher in Shandong Province, so as to bring better non crushing methods and processes for many coal mine manufacturers.

At present, the hammer crusher is commonly used in the underground production of Shandong coal mine. The hammer crusher can be divided into two categories according to its transmission form. One category refers to the hammer crusher with the power below 250KW, which is driven by the belt pulley. The other category refers to the high-power crusher with the power above 250KW, which is driven by the reducer. The use process of hammer crusher for coal mine underground: the coal produced in the working face is transported to the unloading section of transfer conveyor installed in the trough by scraper conveyor, and the crusher is installed in the middle part of unloading section and climbing section, or it can be regarded as a part of the transfer machine to crush the large materials transported by the transfer machine, which needs to be used together with the transfer machine, It does not have the function of conveying materials. During this period, the hammer crusher is driven by the transmission device to drive the crusher shaft to run. In the rotation, the coal transported by the transfer machine will be cracked and extruded by the hammer head, and the incoming coal will be cracked and broken.

Obviously, the hammerhead of Shandong crusher plays a very important role. The level of crushing efficiency, output and production cost all depend on whether the hammer part of crusher can work well. Therefore, the majority of coal mine manufacturers pay great attention to the quality and working efficiency of the hammer part of the crusher when purchasing the hammer crusher. Because the technology of domestic hammer crusher manufacturers is not advanced enough, the whole hammer head part needs to be replaced frequently, which directly leads to high production cost. However, the price of foreign crushers is too high, and after-sales service is difficult to be perfect, which makes buyers in a dilemma. Now, more and more manufacturers favor the hammer crusher produced by Shanghai Shibang. The hammer crusher produced by Shanghai Shibang has stable performance. The hammer head is mainly made of high manganese steel. Its service life is very long and the replacement cost of the hammer head is very small. In this way, we can directly save a lot of production costs for the majority of users.


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