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Shandong Coal Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 03:48:36

Shandong gangue crusher has the advantages of high output, low noise and excellent crushing efficiency, which solves the problem that the hammer and liner of old crusher wear too fast. It is mainly applicable to the crushing of coal slag, slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials in brick and tile factories. It solves the problems of using gangue and coal slag as additive and internal fuel in brick factories, and using gangue and shale to produce standard bricks and hollow bricks with high humidity. The coal gangue crushed by the coal gangue crusher can be used to manufacture unburned hollow brick: burning brick without fuel, saving energy; making brick without (less) land, saving good source of land; turning waste into treasure, reducing environmental pollution; building plant with less investment, high enterprise efficiency, is a new product vigorously advocated and promoted by the environmental protection department

The Shandong coal gangue crusher has no mesh at the bottom of the grate, all kinds of wet materials can be crushed without sticking and blocking. At the same time, the double rotor hammers can be crushed up and down in two stages, the crushing ratio is large, and the discharging particle size is not more than 3mm, which can meet the requirements of producing standard bricks and hollow bricks. The hydraulic electric starting shell can be opened and closed easily by only one person, which is not only light, fast, safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain. The equipment has many advantages such as energy saving, quality, simple and convenient maintenance, less wearing parts, etc. the operation area is small, the application scope is wide, the fixity is strong, the fixed and mobile can be operated, and the movement is convenient.

The traditional crusher with grate plate is not suitable for raw materials with moisture content higher than 8%. When the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 10%, it is easy to cause serious blockage, which makes the hammer head unable to rotate, materials unable to discharge, or even burns the motor, seriously affecting production. The design of the machine has no screen bottom, no strict requirements on the moisture content of materials, no problem of paste blocking the screen plate, no problem of fine powder not being discharged in time and repeated crushing, so the crushing efficiency is high and there is no invalid wear of hammer head. The problem of crushing high humidity materials is solved.

With the development of science and technology, coal gangue has been comprehensively utilized. There are a lot of useful substances in coal gangue, such as silicon, aluminum, iron, potassium, etc. under the action of relevant cosolvent, decomposition of coal gangue at low temperature to produce white carbon black can produce chemical products such as iron hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. Silica is an important chemical raw material with high surface activity, which is widely used in rubber, plastics, electronics and other industrial sectors. Therefore, using coal gangue to produce white carbon black and other chemical raw materials has high economic benefits.

2. Shandong coal gangue crusher, the unique two-way gap adjustment technology, the gap between the hammer head and the lining plate becomes larger and thicker after abrasion, the hammer head position can be moved from the outside of the center, the gap between the hammer head and the lining plate can be reduced and used continuously, and the gap can be adjusted by pushing the lining plate from the outside to the inside, and the discharge particle size can be controlled by itself, and the smaller crushing particle size can be less than 1mm.

3. The upper and lower stages of Shandong coal gangue crusher are smashed, and the two sets of rotors connected with each other make the materials smashed by the upper rotor hammerhead immediately be smashed again by the hammerhead of the lower rotor rotating at full speed, and the materials in the inner cavity collide with each other at full speed in reverse direction to achieve the hammering materials, and the materials smashed with each other to achieve a better smashing effect.

5. Shandong gangue crusher, centralized lubrication system, oil filling without shutdown, modification of grease fitting, traditional oil filling mode of oil cup, configuration of centralized oil distribution pump, one-step operation, multi-channel oil supply, the whole machine can simultaneously and synchronously fill all bearings with lubricating oil at any time under the working state of the machine, convenient and fast. Technical parameters of Shandong gangue crusher:


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