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Several Key Factors In The Operation Of Stone Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 12:46:54

As long as it is mechanical equipment, in daily production, there will be large and small failures. The stone crushing equipment is a commonly used crushing equipment at present. When the equipment is working, there will also be failures due to some reasons. Please don't look down on these failures. If you don't pay attention to them, they will be "fatal". In order to help you better production, here are several fatal factors in the operation of the stone crusher.

Each mechanical equipment has its own requirements and scope of work. If it exceeds the scope of work of the equipment artificially or does not follow the instructions, it can only speed up the damage of the equipment. In the crushing operation of the stone crusher, the operator must ensure the speed of blanking, the uniformity of material size, and the hardness and moisture content of the crushed material shall be within the requirements of the stone crusher. If the material is too hard and too large, a process should be added in front of it.

In general, the angle of engagement of stone crushing equipment is about 18-20 degrees. If the mesh angle is too large, it will lead to ore extrusion upward, which will not only hurt the operator but also damage other equipment. The larger the mesh angle, the lower the production efficiency of the equipment. In order to change the mesh angle, we need to adjust the size of the ore discharge opening. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the quality of the finished products of the crusher, it is very reasonable to enlarge the ore discharge opening as much as possible.

In a suitable range, increasing the rotation number of eccentric shaft can improve the production capacity of the stone crusher, but it also increases the energy consumption, which is not worth the loss. If the rotating speed is too large, the crushed ore will not be discharged from the crushing chamber in time, resulting in blocking, reducing the production capacity of the crushing stone equipment, increasing the power consumption, and having a certain impact on the production. Therefore, the crushing equipment should choose the appropriate number of revolutions.

Only by mastering the fatal factors of the stone crusher can we better avoid these factors, reduce the damage to the equipment and improve the production efficiency of the equipment. For the users who want to buy new crushing equipment, they should choose the regular manufacturers and carefully look at the pictures of the stone crusher provided by the manufacturers, and have a preliminary understanding of the equipment through the pictures. There are many reasons for the fatal factors of crushing equipment. Only when users solve the fundamental problems, can the fatal factors be completely eliminated and the production efficiency of the whole machine be improved.


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