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Several Crushing Methods Of Shale Crusher Used In Brick Factory

Last Update:2020-05-07 21:36:35

For the common crushing equipment like shale crusher, many people may have seen it, but they do not know the crushing mode and working principle of the equipment. As a user, it is necessary to know more about the crushing equipment, which can improve the production efficiency of the equipment. So, how many kinds of crushing methods are there for shale crusher used in brick factory? The following is the introduction of relevant contents.

(1) Free crushing in the crushing chamber. The bricks or ores entering the shale crusher will be immediately impacted by the high-speed rotating plate hammer, in addition, the ores will also have mutual impact. In this way, a certain impact force will be obtained around each ore to accelerate the crushing speed of the ore. This is the ideal embodiment of free crushing of materials in the crushing strength of shale crusher used in brick factory.

(2) Rebound broken. The materials waiting to be broken are either scattered or put together. Because the rotor of high-speed rotary shale crusher for brick factory will strike the materials, move together with animal materials at high speed, and impact the frame violently. However, the frame acts on the materials with the opposite force in the same direction of filial piety, so that the materials can be more perfect broken, so as to improve the efficiency of shale crushing, which is the rebound crushing method.

(3) Shear fracture. When shale is crushed, the above two crushing methods can't play a good role in large-scale materials, so it needs to be cut into small pieces by the high-speed rotating vertical head at the discharge port before further crushing. This kind of shear crushing method of shale crusher is rarely used in practical work, mainly because the production requirements of entrepreneurs are now strict, the broken materials are strictly controlled, and the large materials will be broken after initial crushing. This can not only protect mechanical equipment from large materials, but also improve the productivity of entrepreneurs.

In a word, there are mainly several ways of crushing shale crusher used in brick factory. Users need to remember these methods one by one. Different crushing methods have different characteristics. In the actual crushing operation, operators should not only master the common crushing methods, but also understand the matters to be mastered in the process of shale crushing, so as to ensure that the crushing equipment contributes to the production of enterprises and the development of the country. Finally, it is suggested that all users should pay attention to the correct operation of the crushing equipment and the understanding of the crushing equipment.


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