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Sample Size To Be Noticed In The Operation Of Rock Crushing Machine

Last Update:2020-05-12 15:58:22

During the operation of rock crushing machinery, if the equipment makes a harsh abnormal sound, the operator needs to cut off the power supply immediately to stop the equipment. And carefully check the cause, wait until the problem is solved, and then restart the device. After the equipment slowly enters normal operation, the rock can be broken gradually. At the beginning of feeding, the operator should not be too urgent, grasp the speed of feeding, and achieve even feeding, so as to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

If uniform feeding is the most important way to improve the production efficiency of the equipment, it is also the main reason to affect the mechanical efficiency of rock crushing to observe the operation of the equipment at all times. During the normal operation of the equipment, the user must always be at the side of the equipment to prevent the occurrence of accidents. In case of any emergency, it can be solved in time to ensure the normal rock crushing process. If the operator encounters too large materials during the operation of the equipment, he shall stop the machine in time for handling, and can not enter the normal operation again until the problem is solved.

In addition, in the operation process of rock crushing machinery, the operator also needs to pay attention to the lubrication of each link of the equipment. Once the lubricating oil is found to be insufficient, it is necessary to replace the fresh lubricating oil with good quality in time, so as to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the equipment. The good lubrication condition plays a key role in the normal and orderly operation of the equipment, so the operator must ensure that the equipment is in a good lubrication condition in the process of rock breaking.

In a word, in the process of rock crushing, there are several matters that need to be paid attention to. If the users can master these things one by one, they can reduce the number of equipment failures to a large extent, reduce the occurrence of accidents rather than accidents, so as to improve the production efficiency of rock crushing machinery. Finally, we suggest that you must go to the regular manufacturers to purchase crushing equipment. When the crusher breaks down that day, you will not be afraid, because the regular manufacturers have perfect after-sales service to help you solve all the after-sales problems.


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