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Safety Operation Rules And Instructions For Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 02:56:58

In the safe operation rules of jaw crusher, the instructions for use of jaw crusher introduce that large materials are uniformly sent to jaw crusher by vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing, and the crushed stones are transferred to the next different jaw crusher by the machine for further crushing; The finely crushed stones are sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and several stones with different specifications are screened out. The stones meeting the grain size requirements are sent to the product stockpile by the product belt conveyor, as follows:

In the safe operation rules of jaw crusher, the fine jaw crusher is the third processing procedure. The stone crushed by the fine jaw crusher is almost like a vibrating screen, which is divided into two kinds of stones. One part of the stones meeting the feed size of the sand making machine enters the sand making machine, and the other part of the materials return to the crusher for fine crushing. The fineness of the jaw crusher is not the same, according to the customer The requirements of conditioning different jaw crusher procedures.

The fine jaw crusher mentioned in the operating instructions of jaw crusher has greatly improved the simple pendulum and compound pendulum jaw crusher. It adopts several moving jaws and several eccentric shafts. During operation, each moving jaw separates the crushed materials. After the separation of the crushed materials, the ballast of the materials on the jaw crusher can be reduced, and it will be easier to start, work more smoothly, and consume energy There was a decrease. At present, there are double pendulum type fine jaw crusher and simple pendulum type fine jaw crusher in China. The safety operation rules of jaw crusher are the same as that of the prototype crusher. Only the length of the feed inlet increases. The crusher can crush ores and rocks with compressive strength not exceeding 250Mpa. The fine jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing stones with high hardness, such as granite, basalt, pebble, etc Secondary crushing.

The production efficiency is high, the price of the stone crusher is moderate, the operation cost is low, the output is large, the income is high, the product stone grain size is even, the grain shape is good, meets the national high-speed material demand. In addition, the high efficiency, low energy and other advantages of the equipment make the rules of jaw crusher highly automatic. Besides the start-up, shutdown and normal protection of the equipment, the whole production line simply does not need manual operation, so it becomes a more reasonable and economic production line in the hearts of customers.


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