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Relationship Between Working Principle Of Squirrel Cage Crusher And High Temperature In Summer

Last Update:2020-05-01 08:13:44

In the face of the hot summer, people can reduce their clothes to keep their body cool. However, for the squirrel cage crusher that can't take off their coat, how can it serve users in the hot summer? The working principle of the squirrel cage crusher is complex, so whether the cooling steps are complex? Please see the introduction of the following article.

Working principle of squirrel cage crusher: the crusher mainly uses the fixed impact roller to impact the suspended materials, which results in material crushing. This crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, fine and uniform particle size of finished products, etc. Due to its unique performance, the crusher is mainly used in feed, food, medicine, plastic and other industries, and has been widely used, especially for materials with low hardness.

Understand the working principle of squirrel cage crusher, next let's see what causes the high temperature of crusher. One is because of the high external temperature, and the sun will direct the equipment when working outside, resulting in the high operating environment temperature; the other is that the heat generated by the friction of the equipment can not be discharged well during the operation process, resulting in the high temperature of the equipment. Only by understanding the causes of high temperature of squirrel cage crusher can corresponding methods be adopted to solve the problem. The following are specific solutions:

For the squirrel cage crusher working in the room, there are many ways to reduce the temperature, such as by adjusting indoor problems, installing air conditioners, fans, etc., to help the equipment cool down and keep the equipment working in the normal temperature range. For the crusher operating outdoors, which method of indoor cooling can not be adopted, but the power of the equipment can be reduced properly, or cold water can be used to enter the crushing chamber with materials, and the water volume should not be too much, otherwise the production effect will be affected. It can also reduce the temperature of the cage crusher by adjusting the working time, extend the working time at night, shorten the working time in the day, and avoid the hot time in the day, which is not only good for the equipment but also ensure the health of the operators.

The cooling treatment of squirrel cage crusher is the main guarantee to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment, especially in the hot summer, the user needs to make corresponding cooling treatment according to the specific situation. Have you learned the above methods of cooling the squirrel cage crusher? Don't hurry up and let your equipment work in a comfortable environment!


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