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Relationship Between Bearing Type And Discharging Precision Control Of Pe500x700 Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 13:25:09

When the pe500x700 jaw crusher is working, the thrust plate not only transfers the power to make the moving jaw plate swing back and forth, but also plays a great role in protecting the equipment. With the continuous operation of the equipment, the corresponding parts will appear different degrees of wear, and then the ore mouth will gradually become larger and the product particle size will become coarser, which seriously affects the production efficiency. Pe500 * 700 jaw crusher has many bearing models, how to control the precision of discharging?

In order to ensure that the pe500 * 700 jaw crusher has enough high discharging accuracy in the production process, it is necessary to adjust the wedge properly during the production. During the adjustment, two wedges in the back seat of the thrust plate and the middle of the frame are generally used. This adjustment method should be carried out according to the actual production demand, and it needs high precision. At the same time, this adjustment method is generally suitable for small pe500x700 jaw crusher.

In the production process of pe500 * 700 jaw crusher, once the gasket is transferred or worn, it will have a certain impact on the operation of the equipment, and it will also have a serious impact on the precision of discharge and the particle size of the finished product. At this time, it is necessary to place the gasket behind the support seat of the rear thrust plate and in the middle of the rear wall of the rack. At the same time, the number of gasket should be appropriately reduced and increased, and the thickness should be changed accordingly to meet the production requirements.

There are many kinds of bearing models of jaw crusher 500 * 700. If there are other sundries in the crushing chamber, such as steel ball, iron block, etc., during the production, it will also have a great impact on the normal production. In order to ensure that the equipment and parts are not damaged, it is necessary to take measures to protect them in time. Generally, the rear thrust plate is used as the safety part. Once the pe500x700 jaw crusher is overloaded, the system will automatically stop working and play a protective role.

In fact, the bearing models of jaw crusher 500 * 700 are various, but users may encounter many problems in production, and how to control the accuracy of discharge has become the key problem. In order to solve this problem, some practical measures are put forward. It is hoped that all operators can pay enough attention to it. During production, they should do well in the care and maintenance of the equipment and regularly check the pe500x700 jaw crusher to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.


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