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Recycled Aggregate A Method Of Using Construction Waste Concrete

Last Update:2020-05-01 17:10:50

Recycled coarse aggregate and recycled fine aggregate are prepared from construction waste concrete and highway waste concrete after crushing, impurity removal, vibrating screen screening, etc. the main phases of coarse aggregate are dolomite and calcite, the larger particle size is 31.5mm, and the majority is 9.5? 19mm. The recycled aggregate is made of the waste concrete samples of artificial crushing and curing for 7 days (recycled aggregate I) and curing for 28 days (recycled aggregate n), and the larger particle size is 31.5mm. Most of the recycled coarse aggregate particles are secondary particles attached to the surface of the waste mortar, a few are original particles completely separated from the waste mortar, and a few are waste mortar particles.

The recycled concrete aggregate made of building waste concrete and highway waste concrete after being broken by crusher contains cement paste condensate, which leads to high water absorption and obviously increases water demand in mix proportion design; in addition, the coarse particle shape effect and angular effect of aggregate should make the recycled concrete less workable, which increases the preparation, mixing, transportation and paving Therefore, appropriate and effective admixtures are indispensable in the processing and production of recycled aggregate concrete.

The recycled construction waste concrete aggregate is prepared by processing the waste construction waste concrete, For new projects, it can not only reduce the project cost, save good source energy, reduce pollution, but also be conducive to environmental protection and ensure the sustainable development of the construction industry. It is a new technology with environmental protection advantages for sustainable development, with good economic and social benefits, and will be more widely used in practice.


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