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Qingzhou Crushing Machinery Factory Demonstrates The Specific Steps Of Crusher Detection

Last Update:2020-05-08 10:16:07

Qingzhou may not be very familiar to many people. It belongs to Shandong. In fact, from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms, Qingzhou is known as the important town of the East. So Qingzhou is not only a famous historical city, but also an area with relatively developed industry, especially for the development of Qingzhou crusher. With the wide application of crusher, Qingzhou crusher machinery factory has carried out a series of transformation to the crusher in order to meet the needs of production, including the appearance of the crusher, the performance of the crusher, the pre-sale and after-sale service of the crusher sales, as well as some common sense of daily crusher detection and maintenance. Today, I'd like to introduce the specific steps of crusher detection.

The purpose of the detection of the crusher is very simple to avoid the failure of the crusher due to the inspection is not in place, which affects the normal operation of the crusher. First of all, the detection of Qingzhou crusher is to check the surface of the crusher, and make a detailed inspection of the flatness of the crusher surface. Because of the wide use of crushers, now many maintenance personnel of Qingzhou crushing machinery plant directly use their hands to replace the planer operation, and strictly check the flatness of the crusher surface, which is not unprofessional, only shows that the technical level is high enough. In case of surface unevenness in the inspection process, it is necessary to record data and make corresponding inspection report, which shall be transmitted to the corresponding technology for transformation.

As mentioned above, the inspection of the surface flatness of the equipment must be carried out 6 hours after the crusher is produced and cooled. At the end of the surface inspection, it is necessary to check the parts of the crusher. Generally, the crusher produced by Qingzhou crushing machinery factory will be provided with corresponding drawings, models, dimensions and other parameters to users or operators. Therefore, when checking, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the parts have been consistent with the required parameters without any deviation. It may affect the sales and production of crusher equipment in the future. After the inspection, the painting work of Qingzhou crusher is finished. The workers are required to be hard at the construction site to prevent uneven painting, bubble or missing spraying.


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