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Purchase Of Huai'an Pew Crusher With Caution

Last Update:2020-05-08 19:10:45

The feeder of crusher is a kind of crusher commonly used at present. Different from the ordinary crusher, the Pew crusher produced by secondary improvement on the working principle of the traditional crusher is a relatively new type of crusher in the market at present. However, because there are various models and manufacturers of Huai'an crusher in the market, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection.

As a kind of high-energy and high-efficiency crusher distributor, Huai'an crusher has large crushing ratio, high production efficiency on the production line, stable output, reliable operation of crusher distributor, excellent particle shape of finished products and in line with the relevant national standards. It is because of these advantages that Huai'an crusher has obtained a wide range of market demand, so there are more and more Huai'an crushers in the crusher Market. The high-quality Huai'an crusher has become the power source for the continuous development of crusher manufacturers.

Due to the trend of interest, there are more and more manufacturers of PEW crushers in the market, so there are real and fake Pew crushers. Although the external structure of these two kinds of equipment is basically similar, the internal structure is quite different. The real Pew crusher adopts the structure that the main shaft is fixed on the frame, the eccentric sleeve rotates around the main shaft, and drives the dynamic cone to do the rotary swing motion; the other kind of fake Pew crusher adopts the structure that the main shaft and the dynamic cone are integrated, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft and the dynamic cone to do the rotary swing motion together. This structure comes from the spring crusher changing the external safety structure, which is very important in the production process Unstable, product quality is not stable, but also easy to cause safety accidents.

There are great differences between the real and fake Huai'an crushers in terms of working performance and product forming. Therefore, it is suggested that the majority of users must carefully select and identify the Pew crusher to avoid being cheated. The genuine and fake Pew crusher has a very big quality difference in the crusher distributor. The high-quality crusher has a very stable feeding on the crusher distributor, and it is very excellent in the screening function of raw materials, which can avoid a large number of magazines mixing into the crusher, so as to cause problems in the production of the crusher.


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