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Protect The Big River

Last Update:2020-05-05 02:50:48

Just a few days ago, the TV drama Dajiang river just ended in a mess after 90, 80 and 70. The main plot is: Song Yunhui (Wang Kai) was born badly and discriminated against all the time. But he seized the opportunity to resume the college entrance examination in 1978, seized the opportunity, studied hard and worked hard, became a technician of state-owned enterprises, promoted step by step, and laid the foundation for a successful life. Song Yunhui's brother-in-law Lei Dongbao (Yang Shuo). He came from a poor "big old man" with strong action and leadership. After returning from the army, Lei led the villagers to keep up with the policy in the wave of rural reform, from the poor in the village to the typical example of becoming rich in the county and city. But because of their own low level of culture, vision is not open enough, tripping at the foot of new things. If the experience of song Yunhui and Lei Dongbao is the epitome of state-owned economy and collective economy. Then Yang Xun (Dong Zijian), a self-employed man, is undoubtedly a typical representative of the individual economy. In the era of tumbling forward, he has seized the business opportunities and stepped on the traps. After several setbacks in the business field, he has owned his own industry and become a typical representative of the individual economy of that era. The first step is relatively stable development. After watching the second part of the trailer, the plot is quite ups and downs. Many people are looking forward to the second part as I am, so on the Internet everyone is asking: when will the second part of the big river start broadcasting.

Protect the big rivers and rivers and look for the natural sand substitute - machine-made sand. Sand and stone aggregate is the main building material of concrete and masonry in water conservancy and construction engineering. Therefore, when the infrastructure construction is becoming more and more intense, the sand and stone aggregate market is also becoming quite popular. The rise of infrastructure has greatly stimulated the demand for aggregate, but also brought the ecological problem of natural sand resources shortage. In the early days, people had not yet mastered the technology of artificial sand production. They exploited sand and stone in the river, cut down the river bed and lowered the water level, which seriously affected the flood control safety and regional supply, irrigation and drainage system. In recent years, the government and relevant industrial departments have shouted the slogan of forbidding illegal sand mining, and severely punished the transitional mining of natural sand. Under the double pressure of the increase of aggregate demand and the sharp decrease of natural sand quantity, machine-made sand has emerged.

Compared with the natural sand, the machine-made sand has stable material source, adjustable grain size, grading and fineness, and the finished product has good surface energy and hydrophilicity, and its firmness and durability have reached the national excellent product index. Both have their own advantages, and as a helper of natural sand, machine-made sand actually solves a big problem for industrial development and ecological maintenance.

The star products in Liming heavy machinery sand production equipment are Vu sand aggregate optimization system (tower type sand machine) and vsi6x sand machine; the new four port impeller design of vsi6x sand machine greatly increases material throughput, improves crushing efficiency and reduces production cost. In addition, the new lifting device has also become another humanized design, which is convenient for customers to repair and maintain the equipment. Vu sand aggregate optimization system (tower type sand machine). The equipment not only improves the appearance, integrates sand making, particle shape optimization, stone powder control, grading adjustment, moisture content control and environmental protection treatment, making the production layout more compact, but also adopts a fully closed processing method in the preparation process, effectively avoiding dust overflow and weakening the impact of the project on the environment.


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