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Professional Staff Of Zunyi Crusher Equipment Factory Teach You How To Control Dust Effectively

Last Update:2020-05-14 07:22:55

The development of the crusher and the huge benefits brought by the crusher have attracted many manufacturers' interest in the crusher. Now there are many crusher manufacturers, among which the equipment produced by Zunyi crusher factory has a high frequency of use, mainly because the feed port of Zunyi crusher is very large, the output of the broken materials has naturally increased a lot, plus the reasonable design of the whole crusher equipment, The operation is simple, fast and convenient, which is welcomed by many users. But any crusher in the production process will be dust pollution, Zunyi crusher equipment is no exception, so how to effectively control dust?

Zunyi crusher generally needs several basic processes of feeding, crushing and discharging when it is running, among which feeding and discharging are the processes that are easy to produce dust. The reason why the dust is generated is mainly because the operator gives the material unevenly or the dust caused by excessive feeding is too large. In addition, the design that there is a certain height gap between the feeder and the crusher in the production environment of the crusher, the collision between the materials is avoided when the materials are broken, and the dust generation is increased. Therefore, the dust can be reduced through the operation standardization of the feeding process and the rationality of the plant design.

I believe that many users know about the performance and technical parameters of the crusher. When there are faults and problems in Zunyi crusher equipment, users will be in a hurry. However, for the dust produced by the crusher in the production process, they think that the user does not often go to the production environment, so they do not care about the dust problem. In fact, once too much dust is generated, it needs to be handled in time and effectively controlled. The method of airtight control can be adopted. A vertical airtight feeding channel can be added between the equipment and the feeder, so as to effectively avoid the escape of dust. This small transformation can greatly reduce dust pollution and ensure the health of operators.

The dust produced by the crusher in the production process can also be reduced by reducing the vertical height between Zunyi crusher and feeder, or some wetting equipment can be installed around the crusher equipment, when the dust overflows, spray in time, which can greatly reduce the dust amount of Zunyi crusher equipment. Zunyi crusher manufacturer said: the dust in the production process of crusher is inevitable, but it can be reduced by human way.


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