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Professional European Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 04:31:59

The word "crusher" is often used in industrial production. European jawbone is generally used to deal with large blocks of raw materials in industrial production. Moreover, according to different production needs, the granularity of materials produced is different. What is a jaw crusher? What's the use of European jawbone? Where is the jaw crusher outstanding? With these three questions, let's have a deep understanding of the European jawbone machine.

According to the current market distribution of crushers, the types of crushers in the market can be roughly divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and so on. They have different functions for different materials. Among them, the equipment with a very large amount of consumption is the European jawbone crusher, which can crush almost all materials.

How does the European jawbone work? When the jaw of European version is broken, the motor rotates, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the V-belt and pulley to make the moving jaw move according to the adjusted track. The movable jaw plate also swings periodically to the fixed jaw plate. When the movable jaw plate is close, the material is squeezed, split and bent between the two jaw plates. When the jaw of the European version is broken and the moving jaw leaves, the lower part of the crushing chamber has been broken to materials smaller than the discharge opening, which falls automatically by the self weight. The materials located at the upper part of the crushing chamber have not been broken to the size smaller than the discharge opening, but only fall a certain distance along with the discharge, until the moving jaw is forced to fix the jaw again, the falling materials in the crushing chamber are further squeezed and broken again; for example: This process continues until all materials entering the crushing chamber are discharged from the European jaw breaking discharge port, and finally the ideal materials are obtained.

Generally speaking, the professional jaw crusher of European version can provide more professional guarantee for customers. Therefore, when customers purchase crushers, they must be careful. They must not only be greedy for the short-term cheap, but also buy the inferior crushers. The high-quality jaw crusher of European version can provide customers with high efficiency, low consumption production efficiency and perfect after-sales service system Customers provide technical personnel training, regular inspection and maintenance, low-cost replacement of spare parts and other professional after-sales services.


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