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Production Principle And Application Example Of Plh850 Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 02:57:24

Plh850 impact crusher is a kind of crusher. Different from ordinary crusher, horizontal impact crusher is a new type of crusher improved on the working principle of traditional impact crusher according to the feedback of customers. According to their own needs, customers choose a suitable small impact crusher to put into production, so as to maximize their own interests.

With the increasing demand for mineral materials in the industrial production capital, the mining and processing of ore has also been greatly developed, and the commonly used horizontal impact crusher for ore crushing has emerged with the demand of the market. The horizontal impact crusher is one of the necessary machines for crushing all kinds of metal and non-metal ores. The fineness of the products of the small impact crusher can reach 0.1-10 ╬╝ m ultrafine powder.

At present, the plh850 impact crusher which is popular in China has obtained the international quality certification. Plh850 impact crusher has the characteristics of less investment, low energy consumption, simple process layout, large crushing ratio, strong adaptability and so on. It is more suitable for the deep processing of producing medium and low value-added non-metallic products with medium and low hardness under 1000 mesh. Plh850 impact crusher in the same fineness of finished products and motor power, the output is 40% higher than that of air mill and agitation mill, helping your crushing performance soar to the sky, bringing unexpected high profits.

There are two main uses of small impact crusher: sand making + shaping, which are mostly used in expressway, railway, construction, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide high-quality aggregate production line. With the continuous innovation of technology, the small impact crusher now has the dual effect of crushing sand, and the energy consumption is lower than the traditional crusher in terms of energy consumption, and the discharge particle size is also better. In terms of capacity, the capacity of small impact crusher can reach 160-360t / h, which is unmatched by many crushing equipment.

In all kinds of plh850 impact crushers, no matter what type of small impact crusher is, it is the same with convenient installation, simple operation, stable operation, low noise, small abrasion of the body, durable, good shape of discharge particles, no needle and flake particles, no dust and low pollution. The deep cavity rotor technology used in the horizontal impact crusher can improve the product quality when the rotor speed increases, and it is very helpful to reduce the motor power. When purchasing plh850 impact crusher, it is important to understand the production demand and then purchase plh850 impact crusher in the market.


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