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Production And Maintenance Of Railway Ballast Crusher In Winter

Last Update:2020-05-07 13:44:24

Cold winter brings great trouble to the normal operation and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical equipment, as well as to the ballast crusher. In such an environment, the equipment may be affected by various factors, especially the lubricating oil is easy to be frozen, which brings great trouble to the normal operation of the equipment and seriously affects the production efficiency. So how does the ballast crusher survive the cold winter?

In order to ensure the railway ballast crusher to survive the cold winter, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the diesel engine system of the equipment, and carry out comprehensive supervision and inspection in time, especially for the cooling system of the equipment to be maintained in time. The maintenance steps are: regularly check the water temperature of the diesel engine, ensure that it is at a proper temperature, check whether the motor of the battery operates normally when the equipment is working, and check whether the brake system of the ballast crusher is flexible and the quality is reliable.

In the production process of railway ballast crusher, it may face different climate temperature, especially in winter. The temperature in winter is very low, which will have a great impact on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. At low temperature, the viscosity of ballast crusher fuel may be very poor, which leads to poor fluidity. Therefore, if the equipment is operated in winter, the diesel with low freezing point shall be selected, such as the common - 35 × 10, - 20 × 10, etc. when selecting diesel, the freezing point of diesel oil in the operating environment temperature pen shall be about 5 ℃ higher.

There are many precautions for operation of ballast crusher in winter. Low temperature environment is unfavorable for operation and maintenance of equipment. Therefore, all operators are required to regularly check the operation status of the equipment, and inform the maintenance personnel in time to clear the fault once it is found. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the lubricating oil and engine oil solidify in time, ensure the normal fluidity, and ensure the normal operation of the railway ballast crusher production line.

How can ballast crusher survive the cold winter? I believe we all know very well. In winter, operation and maintenance of equipment need to be careful, there are too many things to be noticed. Only when the maintenance, supervision and management of the ballast crusher are well done, can the advantages of the equipment be brought into full play. This can not only ensure the normal service life of the equipment, but also improve the efficiency of the production line more effectively, which can be described as two wins with one stone.


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