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Processing And Treatment Technology Of Crushed And Recycled Aggregate Of Waste Concrete Abroad

Last Update:2020-05-12 01:51:07

There are two grades of crushers in the process of recycled aggregate treatment in Germany, i.e. front crusher and rear crusher. At the same time, two jaw crushers must be equipped. The crushed stone must be dried. Other component equipment includes iron receiving platform (electromagnetic device), etc. Through the processing of jaw crusher, the recycled aggregate is screened into 0-4 mm, 4-16 mm, 16-45 mm and more than 5 particles. Because the whole process needs to install 2 jaw crushers and 4 sieves, so the cost is huge and the project covers a large area.

In the technological process of recycled aggregate treatment in Japan, block crushing and aggregate screening are all mature technologies for the production of gravel aggregate. Therefore, the key to the production is to control the technology and M quantity in the process of separation, cleaning and washing. The outstanding advantage of the process is that there is a filling heating device, which can obtain high quality recycled aggregate after heating, secondary crushing and secondary screening. After heating to about 3001, the part of cement stone wrapped in the natural rock aggregate with poor adhesion, or the cement stone with damage cracks outside the natural rock aggregate in crushing, will fall off in the two-stage rotary drum or ball mill rolling, which is equivalent to improving the strength of the remaining coarse sand aggregate. But heating, two-stage grinding and two-stage screen will increase the production cost.

At present, the waste concrete block crushing and treatment machines and tools including hydraulic crawler crusher and heavy screening machine system are used in Taiwan. There are two main treatment modes of recycled sand and stone aggregate, one is the combination mode of hydraulic crawler crusher and manual screening platform, the other is the combination mode of heavy screening machine + hydraulic crawler crusher + manual screening platform.


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