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Process Flow Of Shale Crusher Used In Brick Factory

Last Update:2020-05-01 05:46:48

It is not easy for many mining departments to master and control the progress of shale crushing and the precision of shale crushing, which makes the crushing work very complex and has many processes. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the whole crushing work through manual intervention all the time, with very low working efficiency. But because shale has great market value, people have to use shale as a material. Therefore, in order to meet the production needs of this aspect, shale crusher came into being to meet the efficient production needs of people in this shale application.

The ordinary crusher will be equipped with a sieve plate, which is not suitable for raw materials with water content higher than 8%, while shale is just a raw material with water content higher than this standard, so it is very easy to find blocking in the process of use, so that the hammer head can no longer rotate intermittently, and the broken materials can not be discharged smoothly, so it is necessary to manually clean the blocking equipment, affecting the crushing work Efficiency, seriously, it may burn out the motor, cause equipment damage, increase the operating cost, which is very unfavorable to the production and use of shale. But the professional shale crusher has no grate plate, and there is no requirement for the water content of raw materials, so there is no blocking equipment, which greatly improves the working efficiency and ensures the long-term operation of the equipment. The shale crushing process is fully automatic and complete. People only need to switch on and off at any time. They don't need to check the crushing progress at any time, which saves a lot of manpower.

In the application of various fields, in order to better adapt to the production demand of the industry, there are various kinds of crushing equipment that distinguish the application range, such as shale crusher for brick factory, which is specially used for shale brick production in brick factory. Shale brick produced by shale is lighter than ordinary brick, more heat preservation, and more energy-saving. Shale brick can realize the energy-saving effect of building. More professional materials and more professional equipment can make the work more efficient and not easily cause waste of resources.


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