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Problems In Purchasing Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 21:55:15

First of all, we know that the impact crusher is suitable for processing all kinds of brittle materials with medium hardness. If it is used to crush hard ore, it will bring serious wear to hammer and impact plate, which needs to be replaced frequently, which will undoubtedly cause the increase of production cost. Therefore, before customers choose crushing equipment, they must have a comprehensive understanding of the materials they want to process. If the compressive strength of the material is below 350 MPa, we can choose our impact crusher.

Secondly, customers should choose the materials of wear parts such as Kanban hammer and impact plate. Because the material directly collides with the high-speed rotating plate hammer and impact plate, the great disadvantage of impact crusher is that the plate hammer and impact plate are particularly easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, the wear is more serious. But if these parts use ideal wear-resistant materials, they can reduce wear and prolong the service life of various parts. Our plate hammers and impact plates are made of advanced wear-resistant materials in China. Compared with those made of ordinary materials, they have outstanding performance in impact resistance and wear resistance.

At the end of the day, when customers are looking for impact crushers, they must have a detailed understanding of the manufacturer's after-sales service. Because the various parts of the impact crusher need to be replaced regularly, if the manufacturer can't supply them in time, it will cause production interruption and huge loss to customers. In order to serve customers, we have offices all over the country, which can provide customers with all kinds of spare parts to fight back and ensure the continuous operation of the customer's production line.


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