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Principle Analysis Of High Production Efficiency Of Simple Swing Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 13:03:04

The equipment has a long history and has been applied in various industries in China. It is necessary for the normal operation of factories and enterprises. The new crusher has simple structure, high production efficiency, very small resource consumption, and the design of simple swing jaw crusher is very reasonable. The cavity is mainly composed of fixed plate and movable plate, and the service time and efficiency of the equipment have been greatly improved Lifting, the surface of movable plate and fixed plate are equipped with broken plate, the surface of broken plate is made of corrugated structure, and the ripples are distributed longitudinally. At the same time, the concave convex design is also adopted. In the process of using this design machine, there will be a longitudinal extrusion pressure and a bending force. These two forces act on the raw materials, and the product output rate and production efficiency can be achieved Get a huge boost.

The working principle of the simple pendulum jaw crusher is very simple. The movable plate is suspended in the center of the shaft, and the movable plate moves left and right. When the shaft rotates, the connecting rod of the equipment will also move up and down, so as to drive the power plate to move back and forth, and the movable plate will also move back and forth, so as to successfully realize the crushing output operation. The equipment adopts double side curved bar mechanism, the movable plate produces huge crushing force, and the bearing force of equipment shaft and rod is very weak, which is generally used to process raw materials with high hardness.

During the normal operation of the equipment, the moving track of the movable board mainly moves in an arc along the center axis, and the radius of the arc is the distance between the center point of the movable board and the center point of the equipment axis. The upper arc is smaller, the lower arc is larger, the movement track of simple swing jaw crusher is simple, and the bearing force of equipment shaft is smaller; the movable plate makes small vertical movement, and there will be no over machining when processing materials, and the movable plate is relatively worn

According to the schematic diagram of the simple pendulum jaw crusher, when the designer designs the cavity of the equipment, the steel plate is installed inside the side of the equipment, which can extend the service time of the equipment and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. When the equipment is working, the lower part of the equipment is generally severely worn, so the thickness of the bottom of the equipment is emphasized during the design of the equipment.


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