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Prices Of Shandong Linyi Crusher Factory Vary

Last Update:2020-05-11 21:13:38

At present, there are many manufacturers selling crushers on the market. Each manufacturer offers different prices for Linyi crushers in Shandong Province, which causes the market disorder of crushers and provides more choices for users. Users should pay attention to the installation and maintenance of Linyi crusher while paying attention to the crusher price.

For Shandong Linyi crusher, the correct installation of equipment can make the equipment put into production as soon as possible; future maintenance work can extend the service life of the equipment and bring more profits to users. Shandong Linyi crusher factory tells you that it is very important to attach importance to the installation and maintenance of equipment. Here are the details of installation and maintenance summarized for you.

One: installation and test run. Linyi crusher in Shandong Province needs to be installed on a flat concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts; in the process of installation, it needs to keep the main body vertical to the horizontal to prevent affecting the normal operation of the crusher in the future; after the installation of the crusher, it is also necessary to check whether the bolts of each part are sufficiently tightened, and if any looseness is found, it needs to be tightened in time; Also check whether the installation of the main engine door of the equipment is fastened. If not, handle it in time. Shandong Linyi crusher factory reminds the majority of users that after checking the installation of the equipment, they should carry out no-load test run, and once it is normal, it can enter into production.

Second: Shandong Linyi crusher maintenance work. As the bearing bears all the load of the crusher, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing is in a good lubrication state, so as to indirectly improve the service life and operation rate of the equipment, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of the lubricating oil; it is necessary to regularly check the newly installed tires to prevent looseness; it is necessary to regularly check the working conditions of all parts of the equipment; When the underframe plane appears dust and other debris. Users are required to clean in time, and the underframe plane must be kept clean to prevent safety accidents. Shandong Linyi crusher factory reminds the majority of users to pay attention to the oil temperature of the equipment bearing during the working period, and to eliminate the oil temperature rise in time.

In short, as a crushing user in Linyi, Shandong Province, the above installation and maintenance work must be done well to improve the utilization rate of the equipment. Although the current price of Linyi crusher in Shandong Province is not as high as before, it is very expensive to purchase high-quality equipment, so users should do a good job in equipment maintenance.


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