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Prices Of Crushers In Fujian Vary

Last Update:2020-05-05 00:53:04

As we all know, the price of Fujian crusher is not cheap. In order to reduce the production cost, many users use lubricating oil reasonably to extend the service life of the equipment. Lubricating oil is mainly used to alleviate friction damage and reduce equipment temperature during equipment operation. The following is an introduction by Fujian crusher manufacturer.

First, reduce the friction coefficient, reduce the wear of Fujian crusher. In the process of crusher operation, there will be a lot of relative friction on the surface. If a proper amount of lubricant is added between them, the friction coefficient, friction resistance and power consumption can be reduced. Moreover, the oxidation of lubricating oil between the friction surfaces of the crusher is beneficial to reduce the wear of the two friction surfaces. Therefore, it is very important to add a proper amount of lubricant between the friction surfaces of the crusher, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment for a long time.

Second, reduce the temperature. In the operation process of Fujian crusher, because of overcoming the friction, it will do the corresponding work, all of which will be converted into heat, some of which will spread to the equipment body, the other part will cause the temperature of the equipment to rise, and then cause certain damage to the equipment. In the operation of the equipment, adding a proper amount of lubricant can reduce the friction coefficient of the equipment, take away the heat generated by friction, achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of the equipment, and make the equipment operate in the normal temperature range. Due to the high price of Fujian crusher, the lubrication of the equipment is conducive to extending the service life of the equipment.

Third, prevent equipment corrosion. The manufacturing material of Fujian crusher is steel. If it is not used properly or the working environment is not good, the equipment will be corroded and rusted. It has been proved that enough lubricating oil for the equipment can prevent the equipment from corrosion and protect the equipment from working in a safe environment. If the corrosion is not treated timely and effectively, it will not only seriously damage the "health" of the equipment, but also affect the service life, and the production effect will be believed to decline. Therefore, the user must do a good job in equipment lubrication.


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