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Price Of Pe900x1200 Jaw Crusher Varies

Last Update:2020-05-05 03:54:49

There are many kinds of equipment in the beneficiation equipment, and the crusher is one of the core ones. The main function of this kind of equipment is to crush materials. Generally speaking, the working environment of 900 * 1200 jaw crusher is very bad. The basic components of the equipment need to be optimized and strengthened. At the same time, all operators need to understand the basic maintenance knowledge, so as to ensure the efficiency of production and the stability of the equipment. The price of pe900 × 1200 jaw crusher varies, so what should be paid attention to in jaw design and maintenance?

According to the foundation installation drawing of PE900-1200 jaw crusher, its working chamber is mainly composed of movable jaw and fixed jaw. Generally, this working chamber needs to bear huge crushing force, and at the same time, it also needs to endure constant friction of materials. Various kinds of wear are easy to occur in long-term operation. Therefore, in order to protect the jaw plate, some high-quality and wear-resistant lining plates are generally installed on the surface of the fixed jaw and the moving jaw, that is, the 900 * 1200 jaw crusher crushing plate we often hear, which also strengthens the strength of the jaw plate.

The surface of the crushing plate of 900 * 1200 jaw crusher is generally designed as a tooth shape, and the angle of the tooth peak should be kept between 90 ° and 120. The size is mainly determined by the basic properties and block size of the material. In the foundation installation drawing of pe900-1200 jaw crusher, it is not difficult to find that when the crushing materials of the equipment are relatively large, the general design angle will be larger; if the small pieces of materials are crushed, the design slope will be smaller.

When designing jaw plate of 900 * 1200 jaw crusher, the general requirement for moving jaw and fixed jaw crusher plate is that tooth peak and tooth valley are closely combined, corresponding to each other. In this way, when the equipment is running, it will have extrusion effect on the material, and at the same time, it will have some bending effect, so the material is relatively easy to break up. The price of pe900 × 1200 jaw crusher varies. In order to effectively improve the service life of the crusher plate, the design of the crusher plate should also be symmetrical.

Through the foundation installation drawing of pe900-1200 jaw crusher, we have a basic understanding of the infrastructure of this equipment. For the design and maintenance of the jaw plate of the equipment, the above has been introduced in detail. It is hoped that all the operators should carry out the maintenance work according to the production requirements, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and the benefit of the enterprise.


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