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Price And Capacity Of Pe750 Crusher Are Different

Last Update:2020-05-10 15:16:48

No matter what kind of equipment is used for a certain period of time, there will be more or less some problems or failures, the same is true for 750 crusher. In the process of using the crusher, it is necessary to ensure correct and stable operation, so as to avoid damage or safety accidents caused by some unreasonable operation. The price of PE750 crusher is different. In order to ensure its ideal production efficiency, the usual maintenance matters need more attention.

The production capacity of 250 * 750 crusher is relatively large, and the grease is generally used in production. However, the type of grease should be selected according to the local climate, temperature and other factors. However, the grease based on calcium and sodium is usually chosen more often. Every 400 hours of operation of 750 crusher, only timely addition is needed to ensure the small wear of equipment parts.

When the equipment is used for a long time, it is very likely to have different degrees of wear. Generally speaking, the parts where 750 crusher is prone to wear are feed pipe, cone cap and other positions. Once serious wear is found, it shall be repaired in time or replaced thoroughly. The capacity of 250 * 750 crusher is high. When replacing, it is necessary to note that the model and size of components should be consistent with the original one.

The main function of conveyor belt is to transport materials, so its working efficiency will have a great impact on the efficiency of the whole 750 crusher production line. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the conveyor belt and the uniform stress, the conveyor belt of the equipment must be adjusted regularly to keep its length consistent. The capacity of 250 * 750 crusher is very high, and the wear of conveyor belt is also very large. If it is found that the wear, it is necessary to replace the conveyor belt in time.

The capacity of 250 * 750 crusher is relatively high on the whole, but the routine maintenance of the equipment also needs to be paid attention to by all operators. At ordinary times, some parts and connection points of the equipment shall be regularly checked, and any fault found shall be reported to the maintenance personnel for timely repair. Only if the daily maintenance work is done well, 750 crusher can bring ideal benefits to the enterprise with high efficiency and stable production attitude.


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