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Pretreatment Of Fly Ash From Incineration

Last Update:2020-05-06 01:31:30

In order to realize the recycling of resources, Harbin has promoted the project of domestic waste incineration and disposal of fly ash. At present, it has entered the trial production stage, with the disposal of about 270 tons of fly ash. The recycling of fly ash is gradually valued by people. The raw materials for cement production are used to prevent secondary pollution, which has achieved double effects and long-term resource reuse.

Garbage incineration power generation can realize garbage resource utilization, but a large number of incineration fly ash generated in the process of treatment will cause pollution. People who do not understand these projects may think, how can domestic garbage fly ash be connected with cement production raw materials? Yes, it needs technical equipment to assist. The raw materials of cement include limestone, clay, iron ore powder, shale, iron, coal, slag, gypsum and other raw materials. The crushing or grinding of these materials need appropriate models.

Liming heavy industry provides limestone grinding equipment options: blasting lime jaw crusher, European version impact crusher and other equipment. If you want to get limestone powder, LM vertical grinder is a good choice. This mill has obvious advantages in grinding limestone. Limestone grinding can be used in power plant desulfurization, construction, high-speed road construction, mineral processing and flotation industries, of course, it can also be used In cement grinding station.


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