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Precautions For Shutdown And Long Term Storage Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-01 01:51:24

With the rapid development of society, science and technology are also changing, bentonite grinder is more and more popular with the majority of users. This equipment can not only bring high economic benefits to users, but also has a wide range of use, which can be used in the grinding production of most materials. With the coming of national day, most manufacturers will have a holiday, so the bentonite mill needs to be placed for a period of time, so what should be paid attention to before and during the shutdown? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand it. First of all, the feeding operation of bentonite mill needs to be stopped before it is shut down. When the material production in the grinding chamber is completed and discharged, the operation of the mill will be stopped. For the stop sequence of bentonite mill, it is the opposite of the start sequence. For the mill, after the stop, first stop the oil supply system and cooling system. If it is winter, it is necessary to drain the remaining part of circulating water in the bearing. Secondly, if the bentonite pulverizer is not used for a long time, the first thing to be noticed is the storage of the equipment, which can be stored according to the weather reasons, for example, moisture-proof is needed in rainy days, and ventilation is needed in high temperature days. If these details are not well done, it is easy to cause adverse effects on the performance of the bentonite pulverizer. In addition, when the bentonite grinder is stored, the operator must carefully check whether all parts are in good condition, and it needs to be started and operated once every other period of time, so as to maintain the flexibility of the parts. Before the next start-up, all parts of the equipment must be checked first, and normal production operation can be carried out only when everything is normal.     


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