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Precautions For Maintenance Of Beijing S155 Small Cone Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 13:56:07

Owning a set of long-term stable and efficient cone crusher is the great wish of all users, but the reality is often not what people want. In the process of production, due to various reasons, the production of small cone crusher will fail, seriously affecting the production. And once the usual maintenance is not in place, it will greatly reduce the service life of the equipment. Let's see the common precautions for s155 cone crusher maintenance.

S155 cone crusher needs to install the iron removal device at first in production. The main purpose of this setting is to effectively prevent the crushing chamber from passing the iron. Once the iron passes frequently, it is likely to lead to the occurrence of shaft breaking accident. For all operators, the small cone crusher can not be produced at full load in the process of operation. It must be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures of the equipment, so as to prevent the occurrence of low qualified rate of finished products.

In the production process of small cone crusher, it is necessary to ensure that the spring pressure cannot be too tight. Once the spring pressure is too large, it will easily lead to shaft breaking accidents, even threaten personal safety. If the pressure is too small, the spring will continue to beat, which will also have a great impact on the normal operation of cone crusher. In addition, the temperature of the lubricating oil used for Beijing cone breaking should be moderate, not too high or too low, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Before the operation of Beijing cone crusher, it is necessary to ensure that the humidity of its materials is moderate, not too wet and sticky, and that there are not too many fine particles in the materials, which should be strictly screened, otherwise, it will cause the car to be blocked. Generally speaking, the operating environment of s155 cone crusher is very bad. Working in such an environment, the equipment is easily attacked by dust. If the maintenance is not in place, long-term production will lead to a variety of failures of the equipment.

As a common type of crusher, s155 cone crusher must do a good job in the production process of related maintenance work. In addition to the strict operation according to the production requirements, the operators should check the vulnerable parts of the small cone crusher in time. Once the wear is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Only by doing so can the normal operation of the cone crusher be guaranteed and the service life of the equipment be extended.


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