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Practical Application Of Perlite Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 05:06:39

In the field of crushing, many people are very familiar with the crushing of perlite. The main perlite crushing equipment in the whole perlite crushing production process includes vibrating feeder, perlite crusher, perlite crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor, centralized electric control, etc. In addition to the necessary perlite crusher, perlite crushing production line also has a series of related auxiliary equipment to ensure the continuous operation of the production line. Perlite crushing equipment manufacturers tell you that the selection of each kind of perlite crushing equipment needs to comprehensively consider various factors such as the characteristics of the crushed materials, production capacity and the production environment on the spot. The main crushing equipment can choose perlite crusher, because this equipment has less pollution and low noise, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles for manufacturers in production.

Each perlite crushing equipment manufacturer has designed different perlite crushing process flow. Take the commonly used perlite crushing equipment as an example, the designed output of perlite crushing equipment is generally 10-100 tons / hour. According to the introduction of perlite crushing equipment manufacturers, stone materials are uniformly sent to perlite crusher by vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The selection of perlite crusher here depends on the production environment and production capacity.

After the initial coarse crushing of perlite crusher, it will enter the next link for fine crushing. The finely crushed materials will be transported to the vibrating screen for screening. When the particle size of the treated products reaches 18-90 mesh, the materials will be sent to the finished product storage bin; the materials that do not meet the requirements of the finished product particle size will be returned from the vibrating screen to the perlite crusher for reprocessing, forming a closed circuit and multiple cycles.

Perlite crushing equipment has a great competitive advantage in the domestic market. It has a very high degree of automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, and easy maintenance. After production and processing, perlite meets the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation of national defense industry. The products produced by perlite crushing equipment are of uniform particle size and good particle shape, which can be put into the expansion furnace for deep processing, and the configuration of perlite crushing equipment is mainly determined according to the customer's product specifications, output and product use.

The crusher production technology of perlite crushing equipment manufacturers is not only excellent, but also can provide comprehensive services before, during and after sales, so as to solve various production problems for customers. For the design of perlite crushing equipment in the production line, we have very rich field experience, and can design a more reasonable and economic production line for customers according to the requirements of different customers and the production site environment.


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