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Pondering Over The Serious Consumption Of Plate Hammer Of Counter Impact Crusher In Gansu Province

Last Update:2020-05-13 13:14:10

In November 2013, our company sent a number of information personnel to Gansu Province to investigate and understand the market. They go to the local ore production line to exchange experiences with producers and listen to their needs and suggestions. Through the investigation of 32 production lines, our staff found such a problem - no matter what materials are crushed and what uses, they all directly used the impact crusher for processing. Many producers have reported to us that the impact crusher has a large crushing ratio and small volume, which is widely used in the local production line. But this kind of production process is especially serious for the plate hammer of impact crusher, especially for the hard ore, which needs to be replaced frequently, resulting in the increase of production cost.

This is a common case of improper use of impact crusher. Because in the operation of the impact crusher, the materials are crashed with the plate hammer and the impact plate for many times to achieve the crushing effect. The working principle of "stone and iron" is that the materials directly contact with the plate hammer, so the wear is more serious. When choosing the equipment, the producer must have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the materials to be processed and choose the corresponding crushing equipment. Like the impact crusher, which uses punching technology to crush materials, it is suitable for processing all kinds of brittle materials with medium hardness. If it is directly used to crush granite, cobble and other high hardness ores, it will inevitably lead to a large number of plate hammer consumption of impact crusher.

All kinds of wear-resistant parts of the impact crusher produced by Shanghai Shibang machine are made of domestic high-quality high chromium cast iron, with strong wear resistance and impact resistance. At the same time, the cavity design is more reasonable, so that the wear consumption of the equipment is reduced to a lower level. Therefore, there is a consensus in the industry that the quality of Shanghai counter blow hammer is excellent. In addition to choosing the equipment with good wear resistance and stable operation, the producer should also design the production process reasonably and adopt the multi-stage crushing processing flow. This will increase the investment cost, but from the long-term development perspective, multi-stage crushing can achieve scale production, improve production efficiency, and bring stable returns.


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