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Pf1214 Impact Crusher Manufacturer Explains How To Repair Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 09:54:39

As long as the mechanical equipment is used for a long time, there will be failures. The failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that the user does not know how to repair and how to deal with the failure. Therefore, it is very important to master the methods of repairing common equipment. Pf1214 impact crusher has strong practicability and is widely used in crushing operations of various industries. Although it is said that the equipment is not easy to break down at ordinary times, it occasionally has one or another problem. Here are some common methods for maintenance of 1214 impact crusher for the majority of users.

In the operation process of impact breaking, when the material is blocked between the impact plate and the shell of 1214 impact breaking, the operator cannot directly adjust the gap between the rotor and the impact plate. Therefore, in case of the above problems, the operator should first stop the operation of the equipment, and then adjust the distance between the rotor and the reaction plate until the material can be kept in a normal falling state. If it is found that the counterattack force is reduced after adjustment, the strength of the counterattack force can be enhanced by gently tapping the pull rod and letting the pf1214 counterattack crusher automatically adjust the gap between the rotor and the counterattack plate.

When the temperature of the impact broken bearing is too high, the operator needs to find out the cause of the high temperature of the bearing and solve it. First of all, check whether the lubricating grease of pf1214 impact crusher has been reduced. Under normal circumstances, the amount of lubricating grease should be kept at half of the solvent of bearing pedestal. Secondly, clean the bearing in time to ensure its cleanness. If the shaft is subject to severe wear, the user needs to purchase and replace the bearing from the regular 1214 manufacturer.

In the production, it is found that the particle size of the finished product becomes larger, so the operator must stop the machine immediately to check the wear degree of the plate hammer to avoid the rotor from being worn out. Once the 1214 impact crusher is found to be worn, it needs to be adjusted 180 ° before use, so as to ensure the weight of each plate hammer to maintain balance, and avoid the phenomenon of vibration after starting the pf1214 impact crusher.

The above are the common problems and solutions in the work of the impact crusher. I hope that you can master and wish that in the actual production, pf1214 impact crusher will definitely encounter many other failures, which requires the user to master some common failures and solutions in time, so that not only the failure rate can be reduced, but also the maintenance time can be shortened. Finally, it is suggested that the majority of users, when they need to replace the equipment accessories, must go to the regular 1214 manufacturer to purchase, to ensure the quality of accessories.


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