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Perlite Crushing Equipment Manufacturers Explain The Problems To Be Noticed In Production

Last Update:2020-05-12 17:02:44

Perlite crusher is one of the most frequently used crushing equipment. Its main function is to crush perlite. The use efficiency of this equipment is very high. In the process of production, its crushing amount is large, mainly through the vibration of the equipment itself to break perlite, so once used for a long time, there will inevitably be a variety of problems, which need to be solved by effective means. Now let's invite the perlite crushing equipment manufacturers to explain some problems that should be paid attention to in the equipment production.

When the perlite crushing equipment is started up and running, some preparations need to be done. Before the official start-up, it is necessary to check the integrity of the equipment in a timely manner, and carry out a comprehensive inspection on the joints of some equipment parts and vulnerable objects. Once any fault or serious wear of parts is found, effective measures shall be taken to deal with it in a timely manner, and the worn parts shall be replaced in a timely manner, so as to be able to officially start-up and ensure the production of perlite crusher The performance of production link is in good condition.

At present, many crushing equipment will be installed with iron removal device, and for perlite crushing equipment is no exception. In order to effectively prevent the iron phenomenon in the crushing chamber in the production process, it is necessary to install iron removal device on the equipment. Once the iron is frequently used, it is likely to lead to the occurrence of shaft breaking accident, and even lead to safety production accident. The perlite crushing equipment manufacturer told us that the installation of the iron removal device must be prepared before the operation of the equipment, and it can only be started after the inspection.

Pearlite crushing equipment manufacturers said that there are many requirements for materials in the production of equipment. First of all, the hardness of the material should be consistent with the crushing capacity of the equipment. If the hardness is too large, it may cause great damage to the equipment. At the same time, it should be noted that the materials with large water content or sand content should be screened in advance to avoid blocking in the production process. In the process of material input, it is necessary to ensure uniform feeding and not excessive accumulation.

During the operation of perlite crushing equipment, there are many matters needing attention. Through the detailed introduction above, I believe you have a deep understanding of these common matters needing attention. Perlite crushing equipment manufacturers recommend that all users, in the process of equipment operation, must operate in accordance with the production requirements, regularly and reasonably maintain the equipment, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the equipment.


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