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Performance Characteristics And Structure Analysis Of Jaw Crusher In Guangdong Province

Last Update:2020-05-02 18:12:11

With the development of economy and the continuous promotion of infrastructure construction and heavy industry production all over the country, the development needs of mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, chemical industry and other industries are growing rapidly. Under the trend of development, the market demand for various jawbone is growing, and the demand for crushing equipment suitable for crushing various hard and abrasive stones is also growing. Guangdong jaw crusher is launched in such an environment. Shaoguan jaw crusher with an ideal compressive strength of 320MPa is composed of two jaw plates, the moving jaw and the static jaw, which simulate the movement of the two jaws of animals to complete the material crushing equipment.

At present, the price of Shaoguan jaw crusher in the market is constantly falling. On the one hand, the equipment has been put into production for a long time, and the market competition is fierce. On the other hand, because Zhongshan jaw crusher has some design defects, it will return materials in the use process. This phenomenon is actually the phenomenon that the material is squeezed out of the feed port. Instead of being crushed by the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate, the material is extruded by the two jaw plates of the Guangdong jaw crusher and flies out of the feed port.

Analysis from the perspective of Guangdong jaw crusher: in the front row, Shaoguan jaw crusher parts are not consistent with the drawing size, and if the length, thickness, elbow plate length and frame inner cavity size of the jaw plate are inconsistent with the drawing design size in the processing and assembly of all parts of the equipment, it is easy to produce returned materials. Second, the width of the discharge port of Zhongshan jaw crusher is too wide, and the width of the discharge port can be adjusted, which is not entirely determined by the model of jaw crusher. For crushers of the same specification, the larger the width of the discharge port, the easier it is to return.

From the aspect of materials, in the front row, the materials are under unbalanced stress. The materials to be broken are in a balanced state in the crushing cavity of Zhongshan jaw crusher, neither moving up nor down. However, once the angle increases, the materials are under unbalanced stress in the vertical direction, and the materials are extruded under the action of upward component. Second, there is low friction between the material and the jaw plate. The cross section of the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate is of toothed shape, which can increase the friction coefficient between the material and the jaw plate of the Guangdong jaw crusher, and avoid the relative movement of the material to be broken and the jaw plate as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the wear of the jaw plate and increase the friction coefficient during the use. Third, the size of materials is different. If there are less large materials, Shaoguan jaw crusher can still work normally. If there are many large materials and they are jammed between two small materials, there will inevitably be material return, which is very harmful to the operation of the machine.


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