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Pebble Sand Making Machine

Last Update:2020-05-13 17:31:46

1、 Physical properties of pebbles:

River pebble sand making machine is a series of equipment which processes the stone in the river into sand for construction, and it is specially used to produce sand for construction. Compared with the traditional sanding machine, the new production line can save 50% energy. It can make full use of some tailing ore, melon stone and other ore materials to produce sand; pebble sand, large stone sand, liming heavy industry pebble sand machine produces sand with uniform grain size, high compressive strength, more in line with the construction requirements than natural sand, thus improving the construction quality. The new environmental protection sand making machine not only promotes the development prospect of river pebble and stone sand making, but also brings broad investment prospect for sand making industry. Let's first explain some basic characteristics of river pebble:

1、 Physical properties of pebbles: 1、 Physical properties of pebbles:

2、 Analysis on the price factors of environmental protection type pebble sand machine:

5. The machine-made sand produced by pebble sand machine is the main equipment of building material production, which is widely used in construction, highway, highway, railway, engineering and other fields. The hardness of sandstone is closely related to its source. Some high-quality sandstones have very dense structure, and their hardness is even higher than that of granite. In terms of durability, sandstone is equivalent to marble and granite.

2、 Analysis on the price factors of environmental protection type pebble sand machine: 2、 Analysis on the price factors of environmental protection type pebble sand machine:

There are various types of environmental protection sand making machines, such as Vu sand aggregate production line, vsi6x sand making machine, etc. each type of sand making machine is divided into different models, each model is different, and the price is different; In addition, the price of high-quality equipment is usually higher, because high-quality equipment, regardless of material selection, technology, manufacturing, etc., will be more meticulous and dedicated, and the total cost will be higher, of course, but the use effect of such equipment is far beyond the comparison of low-quality equipment, and the economic profit achieved will be higher, more worthy of purchase; If you choose low-quality equipment, although the initial purchase price is cheap, but later use, frequent failures, poor performance, and there will not be too significant profit to speak of.

At present, there are many manufacturers of environmental protection sand making machine in the market, which are divided into direct selling type and agent selling type. The equipment prices provided by manufacturers with different business natures will naturally be different. Generally, the equipment prices of direct selling manufacturers are more cost-effective, because there is no middleman to earn the difference and sell the equipment directly to users, and the factory price is the market price. Therefore, we suggest that you choose direct selling manufacturers to buy equipment.

Domestic manufacturers are distributed in major cities, but compared with Shanghai, Zhejiang and other cities, the equipment prices of Henan manufacturers are more affordable. Because the level of economic development of Henan is limited, considering the consumption capacity of the buyer, the manufacturers will set the equipment prices appropriately lower; in addition, Henan manufacturers are more, the competition is fierce, and the equipment prices are low.


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