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Only Correct Operation Of Large Crusher Can Reduce Equipment Failure

Last Update:2020-05-02 02:51:31

Large crusher is a kind of commonly used crushing equipment in the current production, which has brought great help to the increase of production capacity. However, in the operation of large-scale crushing machinery, the crushed materials generally need to be placed in the distributing plate first, and then the materials will gradually fall into the crushing chamber, which can ensure the uniform transportation of the materials of the very large-scale crusher, not all of which can be directly led into the crushing chamber, so it is easy to cause the blockage of the crushing chamber. Let's see how to operate the large crusher correctly to reduce the failure rate.

When the very large crusher is feeding, it should be noted that the material is usually uniformly transported to the crushing chamber of the large crusher by the dividing plate, and at the same time, the quantity of each feeding is generally lower than the height of the rolling mortar wall. At the same time, it should be noted that the feeding size of large-scale crusher should not be too large, to ensure the accuracy and no deviation, so as to prevent the equipment from failure and damage, and ultimately have a great impact on the overall production efficiency of large-scale crusher.

When the large crusher is running, all operators shall pay attention to the maintenance and supervision of the equipment, and ensure that the operation load of the large crusher is within the specified range, which shall not be exceeded, so as to avoid safety accidents and casualties of operators. When the materials in the large-scale crushing machine are broken, the correct operation steps are to stop feeding first, and then cut off the power line after the materials in the crushing chamber are completely broken, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the production of the very large-scale crushing machine.

When the very large crusher is not working, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. At this time, it is necessary to regularly check the equipment, especially the connection points or other lubrication points of the large crusher, which need the attention of the operators. Once it is found that the large crusher has a fault, it is necessary to find professional maintenance personnel to repair it in time, so as to ensure that the large crusher does not have any fault when it runs again.

For large crushers, the failure rate is very high in production. The above is a detailed introduction of some common faults of large crushers. I hope that all operators can pay attention to these faults, do a good job in the supervision of very large crushers during normal production, and pay attention to regular inspection and timely maintenance of large crushers at regular intervals, so as to ensure that they can bring It's very profitable.


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