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On The Treatment Of The Deformation Of The Quincunx Frame Of The Superfine Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 01:37:19

Superfine grinding machine is a kind of special equipment for powder processing. As a mechanical equipment, the equipment will inevitably encounter some faults or unexpected situations when it works. At this time, we should settle down to solve the faults. Among the faults of superfine grinding machine, the deformation of plum blossom frame is one of them. How to solve when this happens? The following is a brief introduction to the treatment measures for the deformation of the plum blossom frame. The main reason why this kind of situation occurs in the plum blossom frame of the ultra-fine grinder is that the main shaft inside the equipment encounters obstacles during operation, which causes the main shaft to fail to operate normally, so the directly stressed object becomes the pin shaft and the plum blossom frame, which is the cause of the deformation of the plum blossom frame. So why are there obstacles? This is mainly caused by foreign matters entering the main engine. For example, when the equipment is running, there are large objects such as spanners and iron blocks entering the grinding chamber, the grinding roller will be affected first, and the blade will be broken because of them. At this time, the bottom of the grinding roller will be stressed, and the arm will extend upward, resulting in the shaft pin and the ring frame becoming the place with large bending moment. At this time, the shaft pin will be bent, Mei The two arms of the cross arm of the flower rack will also be deformed. At this time, the ultra-fine pulverizer can no longer operate. Only after overhaul can it resume its normal work. When we understand the cause of the deformation of the plum blossom, we can analyze how to solve it. In general, when the deformation is not serious, it can be used normally; if the deformation is serious, it must be replaced with a new quincunx holder or corrected. During the correction, two arm of quincunx holder need to be corrected to the same horizontal position and kept horizontal, so as to ensure that the ultrafine grinder will not be out of balance due to rotation during operation Now vibration, or reduce the life of the bearing. The press can be used for correction. If it is not available, the deformed part can be first heated or burnt, and then it can be corrected by hammering.


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