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Obvious Characteristics And Application Of Cone Breaking

Last Update:2020-05-04 06:24:52

At present, cone crusher is one of the most common equipment in the application of various production certificates. Cone crusher can be seen in many fields such as mine, metallurgy, construction and so on. The size of the stone produced by cone breaking is different, which can break the materials with different strength and has great production advantages. Generally speaking, according to the characteristics of cone breaking, cone crusher can be divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher, etc., so what details should be paid attention to when purchasing?.

Cone crusher can be divided into standard type and short head type, which are commonly used in medium and fine crushing materials. The standard type is the second break, and the short head type is what we often call the fine break, that is, the final break. According to the use of cone broken can also be divided into many types, so many types of equipment, users in the purchase of the eye often see, do not know how to purchase. In combination with the particle size of cone broken production stone, attention shall be paid to:

The characteristic of cone breaking is very obvious. The principle from the time of purchase is to see the particle size of material feeding and discharging, which is the key. If the particle size of the feed is relatively large, and the strength of the finished product is very coarse, then the selection is generally based on the extra coarse type or coarse type, on the contrary, the medium and fine type are mostly selected. The particle size of stone produced by cone crushing is not equal. When calculating the feed particle size, the average size calculation principle of general products is very large feed divided by crushing ratio.

The purpose of cone crusher is various. Generally, the short head type of spring cone crusher is mostly used in closed-circuit cycle, while the standard type is mostly used in open-circuit cycle. When selecting the liner of cone crusher, all users should consider the following factors: the user generally needs to consider three factors: power consumption, output and the wear resistance of liner. For the particle size distribution of the stone produced by cone breaking, the material smaller than the closed edge discharge outlet is generally less than 10%.

There are a lot of things to pay attention to when purchasing cone crusher. All the purchasing personnel should pay attention to it. The particle size of the stone produced by cone breaking is different, which requires reasonable selection according to its own production demand when purchasing. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of cone breaking, only in this way can we achieve overall planning, purchase the ideal cone crusher equipment model, and bring great impetus to production.


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