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Noise Of Cement Crushing And Grinding Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-10 03:54:49

Cement crushing machine is a kind of crushing machine which is widely used at present. Compared with the traditional equipment, its production advantages are huge. However, many users will encounter noise interference in the production process, which affects the normal production, and even the long-term noise will bring great damage to the vulnerable parts of the equipment. So the noise of cement crushing and grinding equipment is so big, how can we reduce the noise in production? Let's see the detailed explanation of experts.

There are many advantages of cement crushing and grinding equipment, but there are also some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the noise is too large, which also brings great damage to the equipment itself. Now the engineering construction can be seen everywhere, especially in the engineering construction near schools and residential areas. Once encountering the excessive noise of cement crushing machinery, it will have a great impact on the normal learning of students and the normal life of residents, which has attracted the general attention of the society.

The noise of cement crushing and grinding equipment is large, which will also bring great interference and loss to the construction of the project. In fact, the root cause lies in the problem of the equipment itself, and only when the cause is found can the noise be reduced. In fact, the noise of cement crushing equipment is nothing more than the following: the equipment itself is caused by failure or uneven ground; the noise caused by the equipment blockage caused by the feeding port of the crushing equipment is too small.

In view of the noise produced by the cement crushing machine in production, the general measures to be taken are as follows: reinforce a layer of rubber under the crushing equipment, so as to play a certain buffer role and reduce the noise emission; at the same time, regularly and regularly check the equipment, timely add lubricating oil, and reduce the friction between parts; Increase the width of the material inlet of the cement crushing and grinding equipment, make the material crushing more uniform, and also play a certain role in blocking the noise.

The application advantage of cement crushing equipment is great, but in the process of production, noise is also a big problem. In view of the noise problems in the production process of the equipment, the above has carried out a detailed discussion, and put forward several reasonable solutions for the generation of these noises. I hope that all operators can pay attention to this, find out the source of the noise in time, find a reasonable solution, ensure the efficient operation of the cement crushing and grinding equipment, and reduce the generation of noise.


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