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New Type Hydraulic Fine Jaw Crusher Plays An Important Role In Building Materials Industry

Last Update:2020-05-02 18:33:09

In the 21st century, people's requirements for quality of life and home experience are higher and higher, and the indicators in the construction industry will be correspondingly higher. All construction materials, including steel, cement, concrete and other structural materials, or various coatings, are mostly processed by fine jaw crusher. Undoubtedly, building materials industry has become a new market place for mining machinery and equipment. So as a new type of ultra-fine jaw crusher with what kind of advantages in the building materials industry invincible? Now we have some feedback from users in the crushing equipment industry.

Xinjiang customer: this new jaw crusher is characterized by lubrication system. In our western region, the equipment can still operate normally under low temperature environment without any impact on our production. Therefore, I think this advantage is not available for other similar crushing equipment, and the manufacturer considers the special terrain and climate of Xinjiang very comprehensively. In the north, the temperature is low in winter. By using the ultra-fine jaw crusher, the thin oil lubrication system can ensure that the cement production line is not affected by low temperature, and the start-up is simpler.

Anhui customer: I think jaw crusher has such a rapid development momentum in building materials industry because it has a function of automatic discharge of materials. It is based on the hydraulic principle, when encountering the non crushing materials, it can realize the automatic and intelligent discharge of materials. In this way, the crusher will not be stuck and continuous operation can be realized. For example, in the limestone production process, this phenomenon is very common. This kind of hydraulic jaw crusher is a double cylinder hydraulic double swing jaw crusher, which not only reduces the wear of the machine, but also increases the output of the crusher.

Guangxi customer: the rotor energy of jaw crusher is very large, which is suitable for crushing materials with high hardness. In addition to this factor, there is also a very obvious advantage is equipped with heating device. This problem will be considered in the ore production line in South China. Because of the climate, the ore contains water before entering the crusher. If the selected equipment is not appropriate, it is easy to cause equipment blockage. The new type of fine jaw crusher can be equipped with heating device at the feeding chute to preliminarily treat the materials with high water content, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the subsequent production process. Such a design can make the produced materials have good granularity and effectively meet the requirements of the building materials industry for products.


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