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New Technology Research And Development Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 00:48:18

The 21st century is an era of rapid development. With the continuous development of our country in the economic field, the level of science and technology in our country is also constantly developing. The improvement of the level of science and technology makes our life constantly profitable. Now, the equipment in many fields are constantly updated under the influence of the level of science and technology. Now we need to use it in many fields. It's a kind of machine for processing materials. With the improvement of our science and technology, this kind of machine is also constantly improving and developing. In today's society, it uses brand-new technical support, and the fine crushing system adopted by the machine is also relatively new. Such technical support makes the jaw crusher used in the factory have many technologies Advantages. First, let's understand the performance of jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher adopts a relatively new fine crushing system, the processed materials are even in fineness, and the screening rate is quite high. The new technology supports the adoption of a new power system. The machine and the grinding ring of the machine itself are always in a balanced state during the working process of the jaw crusher. Such a structure makes the machine itself form a uniform line contact fine crushing area, while also The size of the grinding ring is increased, the area of the machine is wider, the fine materials are increased correspondingly, and the power of the jaw crusher is also greatly increased. Now the newly installed turbines in the market are all classified to use forced turbines, which makes the processed materials and finished products expand. At the same time, the machine itself also has a wind conveying system and a finished product mobile phone system, which makes the collection of finished products more thorough and convenient.

The modern jaw crusher also has a very big technical advantage, which is its very reliable jaw crusher performance. Its structure supported by the new technology is very advanced and reasonable. When the machine is working, the vibration generated by it is very small, and it will not produce any big noise. The machine works very smoothly, and its performance is very safe and reliable, which is worth me Our modern factory relies on machines.

It has not only reliable safety performance, but also very high efficiency of jaw crusher. Compared with the previous one, the new technology supports it to process more materials in the same time, and the efficiency is also higher. Compared with the former R-type tilting jaw crusher, the total power of the modern new mill will not change under the same conditions, but the output of the new mill is increased by more than 40%.


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