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New Technology Of Pulverized Coal Crusher For Thermal Power Generator Solves The Problem Of Material Fineness

Last Update:2020-05-03 13:44:16

Before, many users reported that the pulverized coal crusher could not meet the user's requirements for the fineness of materials, which not only delayed production, but also had a high degree of wear. Can this problem be solved? It has been proved that it can. Many pulverized coal crushing equipment adopt new crushing technology to solve the problem of material fineness, which can meet the different needs of users. Next, I will introduce it to you.

The bottom discharge of the pulverized coal crushing equipment with new technology is empty, and there is no screen and grate bar installed, so the production will not be affected by frequent replacement of screen and grate bar. The upper and lower crushing chambers of the crusher can be reasonably connected and combined. The speed of pulverized coal crusher for thermal generator is much faster than the old one, so the material will not fall directly. If the user is worried that the fineness of the material cannot be well controlled, the baffle can play a good role, and the user does not need to worry too much.

The modern pulverized coal crusher for thermal power generator can crush coal to a certain fineness. The equipment is based on the traditional crusher, and the improved new crusher absorbs the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional crusher. Ensure that other materials such as coal can be fully broken in the crushing chamber of pulverized coal crushing equipment, and can produce materials of different fineness according to different requirements of users to meet different needs of users.

Today's pulverized coal crushing equipment adopts two-stage and two-stage crushing technology, and the fineness of materials can be broken to 2mm. Because there is no screen bottom, even if the materials with large water content are broken, there will be no toxin phenomenon. Even in rainy days, the device can work normally as long as the user needs it, that is to say, the operation of the device is not affected by the weather. The high-tech technology of displacement and gap adjustment is adopted in the pulverized coal crusher, so the hammer head is worn and does not need to be repaired. As long as the position is changed, it can be recycled, and at the same time, the operation rate can be greatly improved.

Many friends know that the use of pulverized coal crusher is not the same according to the different composition; according to the different fineness of grinding, the use is not the same. As a user, we should know more about the new technology of the crusher, so that we can better use it to create higher benefits for ourselves. In fact, the use of pulverized coal crushing equipment is very wide, coupled with the application of modern high-tech, is widely used in various fields of coal crushing operation.


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