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New Regulations On Construction Waste Disposal Will Be Implemented In Shanghai From New Year's Day 2018

Last Update:2020-05-08 10:08:44

According to the news, the regulations on the treatment and management of construction waste in Shanghai classified decoration waste as construction waste and added regulations on the management of decoration waste. The new regulations pay more attention to the source reduction and emission reduction of construction waste. Generally, the construction waste equipment is divided into two types: crushing and screening. Therefore, the equipment selection is particularly important in this regulation.

Data shows that in 2015, although the rapid growth of construction waste has been stopped, the total amount of construction waste is still close to 100 million tons. This is an urgent project. We need to allocate resources reasonably and use the existing crusher equipment technology to solve these problems. We know that the crushing work is mainly to turn large construction waste into small pieces, draw out wire, steel bars, etc., effectively separate wood blocks, cloth and other debris; screening is to decompose and classify bricks, concrete blocks, cement blocks, etc. according to particle size.

In order to purify the market environment and protect our living environment, liming heavy industry's tyre type mobile crushing station is outstanding in the treatment of construction waste. Its advantage is that it can configure different equipment according to the difference of materials to be crushed and the needs of customers, and it can be combined with cone breaking, sand making machine, jaw crusher and other combined crushing stations Material collection, transportation and resource recycling will be realized.


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