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New Production Technology Of Fly Ash Mortar Powder Assisted By Pulverizer

Last Update:2020-05-01 14:18:08

Fly ash is one of the main solid wastes discharged in the coal-fired process of thermal power plants. The annual discharge amount is more than 300 million tons. If it is not treated for a long time, it will cause pollution to the environment, atmosphere, water flow, etc., and at the same time, the toxic chemicals contained in it will also cause harm to human body. Therefore, to realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash is an urgent problem.

Generally, in the process of producing fly ash autoclaved brick, there is a raw material section, no matter for aerated brick or fly ash brick. We need to use crusher, vertical mill and other equipment to crush and grind raw materials to meet our requirements. The crusher is mainly used for crushing the gypsum block (if dry discharged fly ash is used, the quicklime block will also be broken). The crusher can be jaw crusher, impact crusher or vertical impact crusher. The vertical impact crusher can crush the quicklime block or gypsum block to less than 3mm at one time, eliminating the secondary crushing. At the same time, because of the small particle size, the grinding output can be increased and the power consumption of grinding can be reduced. Therefore, it is suggested that the impact crusher should be used first.

With the deepening of people's research work, we have a deeper understanding of fly ash. Fly ash belongs to the artificial pozzolanic active material of burning clay. According to its chemical composition, it contains more active silica and active alumina, which can react with calcium hydroxide at room temperature to form stable hydrated calcium silicate and hydrated calcium aluminate. From its mineral composition, it contains a large number of glass beads with smooth surface. These glass beads make fly ash have excellent properties that other pozzolanic materials do not have, and can improve the workability of its mixture. It is easy to transport and its activity can be brought into full play.

At present, the coal ash processing equipment used mainly includes: Raymond machine, vertical roller mill, high-pressure Micro Mill, overpressure trapezoid mill and other mill equipment. The structure design of Liming heavy industry coal ash mill is quite reasonable, usually composed of motor, analyzer, blower, finished cyclone separator, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, spring pull rod, blade, spring seat and other important parts.

Fly ash material enters into the mill from the feeding device and is sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The mill drives the grinding roller device suspended on the quincunx frame to move. With its revolution around the vertical axis and its own rotation, the grinding roller constantly swings outward to tighten the grinding ring. With the continuous rolling of the grinding roller, the material of fly ash is rolled and ground. The pulverized fly ash material is then blown by the fan and sent to the analyzer for sorting. After passing the sorting, it enters the cyclone collector along with the air flow, and the unqualified material will fall back into the grinding chamber for grinding again until it meets the production requirements.


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