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New Hydraulic Jaw Crusher Leads The Development Trend Of Shandong Crushing Industry

Last Update:2020-05-06 21:32:34

With the over exploitation of mineral resources by the development of global economy and the aggravation of the phenomenon of mineral resource depletion, the amount of materials that need to be crushed and treated increases sharply every year. The current crushing and screening equipment can no longer meet the actual needs of production and development. Therefore, according to the actual situation of production, a new and efficient hydraulic jaw crusher is developed to avoid the problems of heavy traditional equipment, inconvenient operation and handling, and large impact load on the foundation. For this new type of equipment, we specially invite Professor Wang, an expert in mechanical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, to conduct in-depth analysis of the equipment, so as to help Guangfa users understand, use and maintain the equipment more comprehensively and correctly.

Professor Wang pointed out that the new jaw crusher is a kind of double cylinder hydraulic double swing jaw crusher. After repeated practice, the unique hydraulic system has ideal application effect in the actual metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, coal and other industries. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, it is also mostly used for the primary crushing of materials. It has various advantages of the general jaw crusher, and adopts the full hydraulic device to adjust the mechanism, which has a significant effect on improving the automatic control level of the crushing equipment and increasing the reliability of the whole machine. Through hydraulic pneumatic control, the equipment has large crushing capacity, stable operation, low noise and convenient operation. It can operate continuously in any complex working condition, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment and improve the working efficiency. At present, Shanghai Shibang company has applied this kind of hydraulic device to two main parts.

Front row, hydraulic overload protection device, crushing operation often due to uneven feeding, or because the crushing cavity into the very hard and strong non crushing material, resulting in blocking or material flying out of the situation of injury. At present, Shandong e crusher with hydraulic overload protection device has excellent working performance, high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation. When crushing the material flow with more material barriers, it can largely ensure the safe, stable and continuous operation of the machine. Second, the hydraulic discharge port adjustment device, when the equipment is in normal operation, the oil cylinder is filled with pressure oil, and the piston and the oil cylinder are equivalent to an integral connecting rod. When the discharge port needs to be increased, the force on the connecting rod can be increased, so that the oil pressure suddenly increases, the hydraulic flow valve is pushed open, the pressure oil is extruded, the piston and oil cylinder are loosened, and the discharge port increases accordingly. With the continuous development of hydraulic technology, this crushing technology will be applied in more crushing equipment and become the development trend of crushing industry.


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