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New Hydraulic Cone Crusher Adopts German Technology

Last Update:2020-05-10 14:05:14

The new type of hydraulic cone breaker is a newly introduced German advanced equipment in recent years. In order to better meet the needs of domestic development, we introduce the new type of cone breaker into application, and constantly upgrade it to better meet the development needs of the industry at this stage. At the same time, the new cone breaking has a very big advantage, which is its new type and high efficiency. Its performance characteristics and industry application range indicate that it has stronger productivity and production efficiency, so it is also popular with consumers. Then, specifically, what are the advantages and features of the new hydraulic cone crusher? Here is a detailed introduction:

Professionals pointed out that in general, the new cone crusher has a wide range of applications, especially in the processing and processing of super hard pebbles, cobbles, various metal ores and non-metal ores. Due to its high cost, the new cone crusher is very suitable for high standard quality engineering, The new type cone crusher is mainly composed of hydraulic system, main frame, lubrication system, cone device, etc. since almost no other vulnerable parts are needed in the later stage, it creates greater economic use value for the user and has strong automatic protection function. When the equipment encounters unpredictable problems, the automatic protection device will automatically start to realize safe operation

For the new cone crusher, there are many performance advantages worth purchasing. Because of the wide variety of cone crushers, the new hydraulic cone crusher is taken as an example to introduce its relevant performance advantages. First of all, the new hydraulic cone crusher adopts more advanced production technology, safe and reliable hydraulic lubrication system, and excellent overload protection safety technology, The new type hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for the processing of superhard materials, such as iron ore, basalt, quartzite, pebble, etc., and its output is less than 40% higher than that of transmission equipment. 3. Special structural design, The wear degree of the machine is reduced to a lower level, the investment in vulnerable parts in the later stage is smaller, and the particle size and appearance of the produced materials are completely in line with the high-quality engineering use such as high-speed rail, railway, airport, etc. 4. Reasonable use of the internal space of the machine to make the particle size of the finished materials uniform, and the function of automatic protection. When entering the super hard things, if the iron block and other hard things, No damage to the machine

The new hydraulic cone crusher, fully in line with the requirements of the current stage of the society for industrial production, its new energy-saving advantages, constantly loved by various industrial manufacturers, but also by the community's praise. Therefore, reasonable use of the new cone crusher is a matter of killing two birds with one stone, and we hope that the rational use of the new hydraulic cone crusher can create greater benefits.


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