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New Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Jaw Crusher Greatly Improves The Production Environment

Last Update:2020-05-08 16:58:49

The equipment appeared very early, the equipment structure is simple, durable, safe and reliable, the equipment maintenance is very convenient, the equipment requirements for the environment are very high, the product precision and quality are very high, the equipment is aimed at a variety of raw materials with high hardness, and can be used to crush medium-sized large raw materials, environmental friendly jaw crusher There are two main ways: rough crushing and fine crushing. The relevant specification index of the equipment is very complete. When purchasing the equipment, the company can select the appropriate equipment according to the specification index. The equipment is mainly used for the initial processing of raw materials, which is the first time for the factory to carry out the initial processing of equipment

The equipment is mainly used to break large stones into small stones. The energy-saving jaw crusher has a long history. It can be used to break raw materials with high hardness. When adding raw materials to the equipment, the raw materials will enter from the feed port at the top of the equipment, and the raw materials will be delivered to the jaw cavity of the equipment. The gears in the jaw cavity will directly act on the raw materials, crushing the raw materials into raw materials, The debris is then delivered to the jaw of the machine.

The main component of the energy-saving jaw crusher is the central shaft, which is located in the center of the equipment and is mainly responsible for driving the rotation of the gear. The movement of the central shaft is mainly driven by the gears on both sides of the central shaft. The gears and the shaft constitute the bearings of the equipment. The shape of the bearings is spherical, generally in the form of rollers. The bearings need to bear huge impact force and can be very corrosion-resistant, At the same time, it can operate in high temperature environment, with good anti pollution characteristics.

This new jaw crusher can run under bad conditions, can work stably and reliably, and can maintain high production efficiency. The depth of the crushing cavity of the equipment is very large, people will not have a dead zone when running this equipment, which can increase the clinker feeding, and at the same time, it can expand the output and improve the production efficiency. The crushing ratio of the equipment is very large, and the particle size of the product is very uniform and full. The operator can adjust the gasket of the equipment, so as to adjust the discharge port of the equipment.


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