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New Design Of Jaw Crusher In Chongqing

Last Update:2020-05-02 01:12:14

As a new type of crushing equipment, Chongqing jaw crusher mainly uses the way of extrusion to crush the raw materials. The equipment mainly uses the way of bending to process the raw materials. The engine of the equipment drives the belt and wheel to run. The rotation of the equipment axis can drive the movable panel to move up and down. When the movable panel rises, the angle between the equipment panel and the movable panel It will become larger, the movable panel and the fixed panel of the equipment will gradually close, and the raw materials between the two panels will be subject to huge extrusion pressure, so that the raw materials are in a broken state. When the movable panel moves downward, the angle between the panel and the movable panel will become smaller, and the movable panel will gradually stay away from the fixed equipment driven by the equipment pole and spring.

The processed raw materials of Chongqing jaw crusher will be successfully discharged from the blanking chamber of the equipment. With the continuous operation of the motor, the movable panel of the equipment will move periodically, crushing all the internal raw materials, and then conveying the crushed raw materials completely. The enterprise company can obtain these raw materials for mass production.

The equipment mechanism is relatively simple, mainly including equipment frame, equipment axle, equipment wheel and flywheel, equipment movable panel, equipment side guard board, equipment panel back seat, equipment adjustable screw gap, equipment spring, equipment fixed panel and fixed panel, in which the elbow plate mainly plays the role of protection and insurance, the jaw crusher series is widely used, mainly for The crushing and decomposition of bulk raw materials and ore materials are mainly used for processing medium strength raw materials. The equipment has different specifications for consumers to choose at will. The particle size of the product can be adjusted. People can set the particle size of the product within the adjustable range. The equipment application industry is very wide, mainly including the mineral industry, metallurgy industry, construction and building materials industry Railway industry, water conservancy industry and chemical industry.

Compared with other equipment with the same function, this machine has many obvious advantages and features, which mainly include the deep cavity of the equipment, no dead angle at all, the feeding capacity and product output of the equipment have been significantly improved, the crushing proportion of the equipment is very large, which can ensure that the particle size of the product is completely uniform, when people operate the machine It is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the drawing of jaw crusher to ensure the stability and safety of operation.


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