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New Classification Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-13 19:26:33

In the late 1980s, a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving crushing equipment named graded crusher appeared. As the name implies, when crushing large materials, the materials smaller than the discharge port are not crushed but discharged with the rotation of the roller. To a certain extent, it has dual functions. In fact, it is a kind of double gear and is manufactured by using new crushing mechanism Out of the crusher, is a very promising market crusher.

After this kind of crusher appeared, it caused huge Sensational, the production of graded crushers has started all over the country. Basically, the crusher roll adopts the structure of large tooth shape and small roll diameter. The shape of teeth is arranged in a cross way, which can selectively crush the materials. Moreover, the particle shape of the finished materials is even, which integrates all the advantages in one. Therefore, customers are willing to choose the graded crusher as the crushing equipment in their production line, In many manufacturers, the specifications of the crushers are different. Through the verification of customers and the feedback from the market, it is known that Shanghai Shibang's classification crushers are relatively popular, and SSC series classification crushers have obvious price advantages, but also have the advantages of low energy consumption, high production efficiency, light body and easy to understand operation of automation devices, which seems to be the most popular type of crushers in the world A good story in the industry.

In China, the open-pit mining will use more graded crushers. After the customers purchase the equipment, the company will provide professional instructions. The operator needs to install the machine in strict accordance with the instructions. In particular, when installing the rack, the operator should be very strict in maintaining the verticality and levelness. The center line can be added as the comparison standard, and the bolts can be tightened It is also very important to avoid unnecessary shutdown loss caused by loosening. After the local foot bolt is fastened, the second grouting can be carried out. Then, when the grouting is hardened, the wedge iron is taken out and filled with cement. Finally, it is installed according to the frame. In a word, all the instructions will be written in the instruction book, and the company's technical personnel will give some guidance at any time, so the customer can buy and buy at ease. Of course, manufacturers are also constantly developing and innovating, so they are also stepping up the development of new classification crusher. More intelligent control will simplify the installation of the machine, so that customers can use it more easily and operate it more simply.


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