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Multi Angle And Three Dimensional Understanding Of The Real Face Of The Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 21:41:25

With the development of mining machinery industry, crushing machinery industry is rising. In many crushing equipment, the impact crusher with high efficiency and low consumption processing capacity and perfect finished product grain, become the darling of the crushing industry. Of course, there are some disputes about the durability of equipment in the industry. In order to have a comprehensive and multi-faceted understanding of the impact crusher, the reporter took us to Shibang company, a well-known domestic mining machinery manufacturer, to have a deep understanding of the production workshop. At the beginning of the visit, the reporter first gave a brief introduction of the impact crusher, saying that the equipment is simple in structure, small in volume, large in crushing ratio, high in efficiency, low in energy consumption, perfect in particle shape of the finished product, etc., which are common characteristics of impact crusher. So which step determines its performance from production and processing to application?

Walking into the production workshop, we can see that 6S signs and various safety production slogans are hung everywhere in the workshop. The color channel is very clean, and various impact crusher parts and component processing equipment are placed in each area divided by the channel. Due to the normal production of the factory during the day, the rumble in the workshop basically drowned out the voice. Under the guidance of the person in charge of the visit, the reporter basically recognized the main parts such as spindle, plate hammer, rotor frame, lining plate, locking block, compression block, spring, handrail, front impact frame, rear impact frame, impact lining plate, square steel, impact lining plate bolt, etc. When asked how many models and processing conditions are suitable for the impact crusher of Shibang, the visitor in charge took out the table of impact crusher and explained the production precautions, assembly requirements and application fields of each impact crusher for the reporter.

After basic understanding of production, the reporter went out of the workshop and came to the R & D building to participate in the monthly customer technical personnel and equipment operation training of Shibang in the reception room. Understand and learn all kinds of information and photos of impact crusher provided by the training instructor, and fully understand the normal operation, daily maintenance, regular maintenance and other aspects of the equipment. At the time of leaving Shibang, the reporter said: an enterprise pays so much attention to the after-sales and additional services of its products due to its strict and precise processing process. Its application effect must be very good, and it is very unnecessary to worry about the market share.


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