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Last Update:2020-05-11 10:48:10

As the pillar of China's traditional energy, the development of coal economy is still the focus of the development of the mining industry. With the further promotion of green circular economy, coal preparation plants and power plants pay more and more attention to the deep processing of coal. MFD series impact crusher is specially designed for the coarse crushing link of coal beneficiation. Mfd50 impact crusher and mfd-100 impact crusher adopt advanced rotor crushing principle to realize the reload crushing of materials and impact crusher on the basis of classification of coal. Compared with jaw crusher and hammer crusher, the main advantages of MFD series special impact crusher for coal are shown in the following aspects.

One advantage of impact crusher: feed chute and impact plate can be equipped with heating device. We all know that there is a certain amount of moisture in raw coal, plus the cohesiveness of coal itself, which is easy to cause material blockage in the process of crushing. Mfd50 impact crusher and mfd-100 crusher are designed with heating devices in the feed tank and impact plate, which are directly in contact with the materials. They are specially designed to deal with raw coal materials with excessive moisture content, ensure the normal crushing of ores under the impact of impact plate, and avoid the impact of material adhesion on the impact plate.

The second advantage of impact crusher: the size of discharge can be flexibly adjusted and analyzed in detail: the very big advantage of impact crusher for general ore is the large crushing ratio and high crushing strength, but it is easy to cause the uneven particle size of the material. Mfd50 impact crusher and mfd-100 crusher can adjust the discharge particle size according to the production needs of users in the process of raw coal crushing. Manually adjusting the rotor speed and the gap between the reaction plate and the grinding chamber can reduce or expand the impact of the reaction plate on the material, thus affecting the size of the discharge

Three advantages of impact crusher: long service life of vulnerable parts and low maintenance cost. Specific analysis: the main vulnerable parts of impact crusher are impact plate and plate hammer. The wear of plate hammer of mfd-100 coal impact crusher is single-sided, only the side in contact with materials for a long time produces large wear. The structure of plate hammer and the grinding space of materials match, with long service time, greatly saving dimension Repair costs. The vulnerable parts of the coal used for counter attack are all forged with stainless steel metal, with high recoverability. In a word, mfd50 impact crusher and mfd-100 crusher, or mfd-100 coal impact crusher have incomparable advantages such as jaw crusher and hammer crusher.


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